Walking Round Wales: Completing the Circle

Less than fifty miles of coastline were left to walk when I returned to Wales in early May. I felt both excited and sad at the prospect of completing a project begun almost five years earlier. Continue reading “Walking Round Wales: Completing the Circle”

Walking around Wales, Part Five: Industry, Dunes and Clifftops

I’d walked into Swansea in June 2018 expecting to return later in the year, but it was March 2019 before I returned to the coast. After the glorious Gower it was quite a culture shock to find myself heading into the industrial heartlands of Port Talbot. Continue reading “Walking around Wales, Part Five: Industry, Dunes and Clifftops”

Walking round Wales – Part Two, time with friends and family

As Robbie Burns so aptly put it: ‘The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley’. My scheme was to complete the Wales Coast Path this summer, but once again, life has intervened to halt me in my tracks. Luckily the reasons are positive ones, but it does mean that I won’t complete the trail this summer (although I may complete it before the year is out). Continue reading “Walking round Wales – Part Two, time with friends and family”

The Lakeland Five Passes Ultra – my very first DNF

Spoiler alert: for those of you who may not know what DNF stands for, it’s Did Not Finish.

There was always a distinct possibility that I would not be able to finish this gruelling event, but the chances of that increased as I lay in the dust below Loughrigg with one leg bent under me and an ankle at a funny angle (see previous post https://lizziwake.wordpress.com/2018/05/22/lakeland-five-passes-recce-lark-song-and-cuckoos/). Continue reading “The Lakeland Five Passes Ultra – my very first DNF”

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