Walking the perimeter of Wales

Two years ago I started walking round the Welsh Coast. Two years previous to that I had completed the Offa’s Dyke Trail with my daughter and it seemed rather elegant to completely circumnavigate a whole country. Continue reading “Walking the perimeter of Wales”

The Lakeland Five Passes Ultra – my very first DNF

Spoiler alert: for those of you who may not know what DNF stands for, it’s Did Not Finish.

There was always a distinct possibility that I would not be able to finish this gruelling event, but the chances of that increased as I lay in the dust below Loughrigg with one leg bent under me and an ankle at a funny angle (see previous post https://lizziwake.wordpress.com/2018/05/22/lakeland-five-passes-recce-lark-song-and-cuckoos/). Continue reading “The Lakeland Five Passes Ultra – my very first DNF”

Sunshine & Limestone: walking in les Alpes Maritimes (Part One)

After a long, dark, cold winter it was time to search out spring sunshine. The Alpes-Maritimes are a lovely place to walk in April, although Easter was so early this year and the winter so harsh that Spring had hardly begun and the land was still clothed in its winter colours. We were based close to St-Jeannet, one of the many tiny hilltop villages that dot the flanks of the river Var in the densely populated region north of Nice.

Continue reading “Sunshine & Limestone: walking in les Alpes Maritimes (Part One)”


It’s been quite the winter for snow. My New Year came in on the wings of a Lakeland snow storm, and in the usually benign landscape of Hampshire, meteorological Spring was heralded with the deep drifts and wild winds of the ‘Beast from the East’.

Continue reading “Snow”

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