Lakeland Five Passes reconnoitre: lark-song and cuckoos

Part One – Ambleside to a bivvy spot

For weeks I had been debating whether to enter the Lakeland Five Passes, a 33 mile event with around 10,000′ ascent organised by Continue reading “Lakeland Five Passes reconnoitre: lark-song and cuckoos”


Sunshine after Rain: walking in Les Alpes Maritimes (Part Two)

Into every life a little rain must fall, and even in the south of France it can be cold and wet in April. A couple of rainy days gave time for rest and reading, and a short damp walk before the warmth and sun returned.

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Sunshine & Limestone: walking in les Alpes Maritimes (Part One)

After a long, dark, cold winter it was time to search out spring sunshine. The Alpes-Maritimes are a lovely place to walk in April, although Easter was so early this year and the winter so harsh that Spring had hardly begun and the land was still clothed in its winter colours. We were based close to St-Jeannet, one of the many tiny hilltop villages that dot the flanks of the river Var in the densely populated region north of Nice.

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It’s been quite the winter for snow. My New Year came in on the wings of a Lakeland snow storm, and in the usually benign landscape of Hampshire, meteorological Spring was heralded with the deep drifts and wild winds of the ‘Beast from the East’.

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Kendal Mountain Festival 2017

‘What is your favourite mountain?’

This seemingly simple question was put to Sir Chris Bonington by an eight year old boy after the premiere of the film: Bonington-Mountaineer. Sir Chris found it difficult to define what could constitute a ‘favourite’ mountain. He was drawing on his memory and imagination to make a judgement, and imagination was to become, for me, the theme of this year’s Kendal Mountain Festival.

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